Sarreyer by Rapin Saiz Architectes


Rapin Saiz Architectes

Joel Tettamanti




Valley of Bagnes, Switzerland

Located in the Valley of Bagnes, the « raccard », a typical swiss grain store of the Valais region, was used during the 19th century. Like a hermit crab, the project is lodged in its abandoned shell.

The Sarreyer raccard shows the signs of a construction made with recovered planks, many times transformed to adapt to changing needs. The rehabilitation was considered with the same pragmatism.

The boiler maker itself present, referring to the chimmney pipes installed by the peasants, to the industrial past of the building; the old barn door becomes a sliding bay; the hunter’s hole is enlarged to offer a picture of the Dents du Midi; the openings of the small spaces are horizontal loopholes, the height of a plank, reduced to the minimum.

On the lower ground, 2/3 of the surface is used. The rest is an entrance porch, a shelter for the wood, a space between the inside and the outside. On the upper floor, ther is only one space. It’s the living room, with fireplace, kitchen and views of the valley. Under the roof, the beds are organized in the image of ship booths. This intervention is representative of the safeguarding of an obsolete heritage.

Text provided by the architect

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