Hana Armchairs by Simone Bonanni Studio


Simone Bonanni Studio


Davide di Tria







Simone Bonanni Studio, @simonebonannistudio, Davide di Tria, @davideditria, Moooi, @moooi

The Hana Armchairs are upholstered lounge chairs. The design is available with or without its wide wingback (top), making the Hana Armchairs suitable for different interior design projects. You can also choose to have a fixed version or with a swivel base that allows you to turn the Hana on its axis and always come back to the initial position when not used.

We all have that one moment in time and space where your mind always wanders back to. That quiet place, where you feel peaceful. Wouldn’t you want to make that moment tangible? A physical place that pulls your mind in that tranquil state by just being there?Hana invites you to enter your own peaceful place, to breathe and relax in your own little corner of the world. Its design is made of soft, round curves and celebrates the beauty of stepping out the hustle and bustle of life. With this new design Moooi offers you a comfortable resolution for your busy routine. The Hana is more than a seating object. It is sculptured around the human body and its need to be pampered and embraced for long stretches of time. The generous and subtle curves allow for hours of lounging to daydream, read a book and let your imagination fly. Where will you go nestled in the Hana?

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