Hammam by Errin Kancal


Errin Kancal


image ©Errin Kancal




Chicago, U.S.A.


Errin Kancal

Hammam Collection is inspired by the water bowl, “tas” – used to cleanse, lighten and reveal ones beauty. A vessel that provides radiance, interpreted by Errin as light. The hammam bathing bowl is a symbol of freshness and purification – carried forward into a new light. Hammam collection is a shape  from the past bringing light to the future. The detailed hand carved marble is derived from an original hammam tas. Great care is given to the finishes and fittings – credit to the workmanship that makes each  piece an illuminating marvel. A shape that is born from simplicity, yet far from simple – an ornament  crafted in onyx, making its statement.

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