Hackability of the Stool by DDAA


DDAA Lab  – Daisuke Motogi 


Kenta Hasegawa






DDAA, @daisukemotogiKenta Hasegawa

Stool 60 is one of the most iconic stools of the 20th century produced by Artek. The design is simple and beautiful, and needless to mention the manufacturing techniques of bent wood technology, every detail is completely designed from distribution to packaging. It is a product that represents the idea of modernism. In addition, mass-produced reproductions are sold for 1,000 yen each by thoroughly considering about the cost of production and maintenance, complaints handling, and rationality of transportation. It is cheaper than buying the same amount of wood.

Stool 60 is a masterpiece that everyone has seen before, hence it has the stereotyped shape of “typical stacking stool”. Also, modernist design as represented by Stool 60, is made in the greatest common denominator, not for all-rounder. Keeping it simple can paradoxically cut out so much things.

The “Hackability of The Stool” (Possibility of modifying the stool) is a project that adds diverse, niche, and modest functions which has been cut out in the process of designing. This is an assemblage of research and idea based on mass-produced, could keep the advantage of modernism and mass-produced products, and produce multi-product in a small lot. You can make a little useful and diverse product as easy as possible.

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