H House by Weber Arquitectos


Weber Arquitectos


LGM Studio – Luis Gallardo




Ciudad de México, Mexico


The project of this house is located in a residential neighborhood in the suburbs of the city. The land has generous views of a large ravine behind which the silhouette of Mexico City can be seen. The architectural proposal takes up the language of the modern movement that emerged in Europe in the first half of the last century, an effective architecture and geometric shapes where functionality is the main factor of the design: straight lines and monochromatic tones whose only contrast is the warmth of the wood, achieve a relaxed and perfect atmosphere to appreciate the environment.

The distribution of the house answers to its views and orientation. Living room, dining room and bedrooms upstairs are facing east to take advantage of the tree-lined view of the ravine and the morning sun. The staircase, the main element of the living room, allows the entry of natural light through a window and a dome along it.
The vegetation of the large garden with its majestic tree contrasts with the green palette of its three courtyards and green roof, generating a dialogue between interior and exterior and making it an important element of the architecture. The interior design was an integral part of the project. The main element of the living room is the bookcase and fireplace, whose illuminated objects provide a cozy atmosphere and give the house serenity, combining original models from the 20s-60s with current designs.

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