Gjøkeredet by Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter


Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter

Knut Folstad




Fyresdal Municipality, Norway


The cabin in the woods is inspired by reading Henry Thoreau´s “Walden Pound”. Architectural design is closely related to old farmhouses from the local valleys. The central room is dominated by a large fireplace and large room height. It opens onto the sun and lake views.

Bedrooms and storage rooms located at the back. The sloping walls protect the shingle cladding from weather stress and keep the terrace dry throughout the year. On the outside, both the roof and walls are clad with heartwood pine shingles. Inside is used pine planks which are cut to the entire thickness of the log.

The planks, therefore, have a tapered thickness which provides an extra challenge for the carpenter during laying. The sauna annex consists of a sauna with a self-designed aluminum bathtub and a wood stove.

In addition, is a restroom with sliding glass doors that can be opened to the forest and lake. Both the cabin and sauna are set on poles so that the whole construction is lifted above the ground. It causes all surface water from both rain and melting snow to easily drains away. All fixed furnishing, including doors and sofas, are made on-site.

Text provided by the architect

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