Giovanni by Marazzi Reinhardt


Marazzi Reinhardt

Ladina Bischof




Stallikerstrasse, Uitikon, Switzerland
Marazzi Reinhardt, 2020
Giovanni – a timeless house in the spirit of a palazzo – is located in an ordinary residential zone with buildings from the last seven decades.
The main idea of the house, such as flexibility of use, privacy, the view and the demand for representation on a limited budget, is based on the client’s requirements. A client with an Italian roots.
The essential feature of a palazzo is the piano nobile.
The structure of the traditional typological elements is translated into a contemporary language.
The cornices are supported by prefabricated concrete columns. Higher capitals in the area of the piano nobile refer to its importance. The differentiation of proportions, such as the higher openings, also indicate the representative use with its overheight ceiling. A further characteristic of a palazzo is the specific use of materials. Representative rooms are refined with concrete, travertine and oak wood. subordinate rooms are furnished in a more simplistic manner with linoleum and white painted bricks. Despite their modesty, they also have a spatial quality – along the facade the building can be walked through. This creates a generous appearance and allows for a flexible use.
Finally, the spiral staircase with its zenithal light, leads through the whole house and connects the Piano Nobile with the roof terrace. From there opens a view over the Reuss valley.

Text provided by the architect

Marazzi Reinhardt, 2020
Marazzi Reinhardt, 2020

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