Fruit vase by Sebastian Bergne

Fruit vase by Sebastian Bergne

Fruit vase by Sebastian Bergne


image ©Ruth Ward




Ha’ porcelain


The fruit vase is designed to present the smallest of found leaf or cut flower at its best. It’s soft natural form is transformed by colour to remind us of fruits of the garden or forest. Part of a family of high quality porcelain vases created to enjoy cut flowers and plants differently. Fruit is part of the launch collection of porcelain brand Ha’, a collaboration between Sebastian Bergne and Tokyo Saikai, Japan, with all design and art direction by Sebastian Bergne. Ha’ gives us the opportunity to enjoy plants and their produce in new ways. Our home life increasingly needs us to improvise, live in smaller spaces and coexist with nature in a responsible way. Ha’ products respond to these changes, combining intelligent design with humour and a lively spirit.

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