Forest by Sebastian Alberdi

Forest by Sebastian Alberdi

Forest by Sebastian Alberdi

Forest is part of a series of objects/experiences created during 2018 with the awarded Spanish restaurante Mugaritz.

The environment and its link with what Mugaritz does.
Sort, play and help users (diners, kitchen guys, service people). A new emotional experience (hands and food). Inspired by local geography, this concept transits the border between memory and play.
The different surfaces that shape this set of pieces of turned solid wood, allow us establish an analogy with what could be a mountainous set so characteristic of the rugged orography of the area.

Materials: European oak, maple, cherry, chopo and walnut.

Forest it is also a new cooperation with my buddy Iñaki Remiro and was beautifully crafted by Òscar Ollé.

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