Food Crisis by Marco Di Lauro

Food Crisis by Marco Di Lauro

Food Crisis by Marco Di Lauro


Marco Di Lauro




Marco Di Lauro



Marco Di Lauro tells us about Food Crisis, a photographic project he made free for UNICEF in 2010, regarding the serious problem of malnutrition in Niger. Food Crisis allowed him to win the World Press Photo in 2011.

Koubdo Saboua, Niger – June 25, 2010 – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

The work with which you won the World Press Photo seems to me to be a strong statement …

I must say that it’s the only job I’ve done for free in my life. Already this makes me think! UNICEF ​​has always been one of my biggest clients and some of the people in charge came to me telling me that there was a big food problem in Niger and that it was essential for them to raise public awareness, but they didn’t have enough money to pay me. I decided to go anyway.

Gadabedji, Niger – June 27, 2010 – Photo: Marco Di Lauro

Their goal was onerous, that is, to raise about 127 million dollars in just three months in order to build structures suitable to host many of these dying people. Thanks also to my work, the money was raised, and this made me feel good. Unfortunately, I also have to say that none of the agencies to which I offered the story was interested in acquiring it, although the situation reversed completely after they learned that I had won the World Press Photo with these shots.

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