Flexible Living by Matteo Cibic per Timberland


Matteo Cibic




Timberland, Milano

Matteo Cibic, in this installation on which it is also possible to sit and rest, expresses his interpretation of a new sole developed by Timberland.

Is this work an art installation?

Not really, it’s actually my way of communicating the release of a new product!
Timberland contacted me to help them communicate the release of one of their flagship products, namely a shoe, by the Big Shoe, with a new type of very flexible sole, capable of making it more comfortable.
To communicate the aspect of the flexibility of the shoe, I imagined the “flexible” life I live when I am in Milan where I am forced to hop between appointments whilst moving around on foot or on rental bikes.

In addition to this communicative aspect, I have had to solve a functional need, that is, the need to have four benches to donate to the city of Milan and, although not the usual, I can assure you that upon this object there are many places to rest.

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