Flat Don Ramon de la Cruz by OOAA Architecture Studio


OOAA Architecture Studio






Madrid, Spain

In this 170 sqm flat in barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, we project a home for 4 people. With 2 youngsters that don’t live constantly in the family home, we had to think about 2 bedrooms with dual purpose, so that they can both be used as office and family room as well.

We designed an open-space layout/distribution with some more private uses – such as bathrooms, office, dressing room and pantry – inside 2 boxes finished in wallpaper and wooden interior paneling.

We chose very neutral finishings with bone colour walls with artisan finish for the open spaces, and wood and wallpaper for the private ones.

I always think that the bigger spaces such as living room and master bedroom don’t need luxury or important finishings, as they are usually placed in the best part of the house, with the best natural light, views and where the decoration plays a greater role. However, the smaller spaces, with less natural light and even the residual spaces, must be taken with more special care with better interior linings or panellings.

It is important that, after seeing a great living room or a magnificent master bedroom, we may not be disappointed when entering a small space with less importance given. On the contrary, entering a special box with very strict constructive principles and caring finishings places whole value on the house. Moreover, this is a more rational decision.

For the decoration, we use a very neutral base with greenish strokes that achieve a refreshness in the general ambiance. All in different texture linens that make an informal overall sensation together with a comforting feel.

Text provided by the architect

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