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Ori Shifrin Anavi


 Ori Shifrin Anavi





“First Chair”, Designed by Ori Shifrin Anavi from Tel-Aviv, Israel, was inspired by floating leaves on water, a feeling of suspension with stability. It incorporates three manufacturing processes; laminated wood, laser cutting and metal bending. Designed as part of industrial design studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
“Its creation was initiated by a desire to experiment with multiple materials and production technologies. In terms of aesthetics, I chose to go back in time in order to recall one of the first institutional chairs I had I encountered in life – the school chair. It brought me back to a nostalgic feeling of childhood and other educational stages in my life. No matter in what connection or place, the chair is there to do its job, to give support where it’s needed and, of course, in a way that is comfortable”.

With a wide and generous area, the seat is made from wood lamination covered with laser cut industrial felt. The felt is locked in by the metal structure that holds the arms support, continuing through the seat from underneath, joining and holding all the elements together. In fact, all the supporting pieces of the chair are individually held by delicately choreographed metal elements as if they are floating in space.
The felt on the arms and back support is connected with two simple screws, creating a small yet important detail that gives creature-like characteristics and life to the chair. All the elements of the chair are manually assembled with cold joints only. “First Chair” can be manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes, can be folded into a flat box, for dispatch and light in weight.

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