Cristalmood e Mayday by Antonio Lupi

Cristalmood e Mayday by Antonio Lupi

Cristalmood e Mayday by Antonio Lupi


Antonio Lupi


Antonio Lupi




Antonio Lupi

Andrea Lupi, art director of Antonio Lupi, tells us how the patented Cristalmood material was born. He also talks about the new series of Mayday taps that have re-thought some of the actions that we all take for granted.

Masa di Calvi Brambilla for Antonio Lupi

All the products we made were always white even when they came from different researches and trials.

Cristalmood was the way to bring colours to Antonio Lupi. Cristalmood is a transparent resin like the glass and hard like the marble. We can make different kind of items ranging from bathtubs to sinks.

X-Tray di Paolo Ulian for Antonio Lupi
Mayday di Gi-ra studio per Antonio Lupi

Is Cristalmood a material that you exclusively created?

Yes, it is a mixture of resins. It is not the first time that we develop a new material or a new way to make an object.
For instance, we recently have developed Mayday switches and taps and the idea stemmed from the emergency buttons you find in industrial machines.
For this project we asked ourselves if it would be possible to open a tap differently to the usual way of turning or lifting the handle.
We were not looking for a specific shape but we knew we wanted to take a standard and granted habit to the next level.
In Mayday by “pulling” (rather than turning or lifting) the handle we control the pressure of the water; by turning it we mix it and by pushing it we close it.
For this project like for all of our projects, we started by searching new materials and their use rather than starting from the shape.

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