Country house in Järna by Metropolis Arkitekter


Metropolis Arkitekter

Metropolis Arkitekter




Lake Vällingen, Sweden

The small country house just outside Järna is located on a hill with a fantastic view of Lake Vällingen. The house is originally from the 40’s and has been expanded with some smaller additions since then. Our task was to expand the floor area of the house as much as possible within the framework of what the building rules allowed and at the same time modernize the house with as maintenance-free materials as possible. Since the area and height of the house was already used to the maximum according to the local plan, the only possibility was to maintain the footprint of the house and use a rule which in Sweden says that you can make an addition of 15 m² on an already existing house, no matter what the regulations in the local plan. There was also an opportunity to increase the roof angle and thus create a loft.

The house also got a new window replacement based on the functions of the different rooms.
In the bedroom, smaller openable windows were placed to be able to ventilate together with a new panoramic window towards the lake.

Text provided by the architect

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