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Studio wok

Simone Bossi




Verona, Italy

The founders of Studio wok tell us about this renovation project for a rural house near Verona. The result is an architecture linked to the context, designed with an aesthetic approach and contemporary construction techniques.

Studio wok – Casa di campagna al Chievo – 2018 – Photo: Simone Bossi

In this renovation project have you made many changes compared to the existing one?

In reality, we wanted to restore the building externally to its essence and to do this we had to remove the plaster and surfaces, re-open the large arch on the side and create new windows respecting the grammar of the existing façades. We deliberately let the contemporary and the existing merge together to give the feeling that the building has undergone only a slight intervention. When we talk about “grammar” we mean that before acting and inserting a new subject into the building we tried to understand its formal language and used the same grammar to make new additions.

The design of the smooth surfaces largely characterises the façade …

They were made in Biancone, a local stone. The façade design clarifies what we previously meant by grammar and how the desire to use materials and techniques belonging to the building, but with a clearly contemporary language that still keeps us well away from the nostalgic and vernacular approach.

Speaking of the interior, the approach seems different to me …

Certainly, it was necessary to bring the building up-to-date with current housing standards. To do this, we had to build a new internal structure independent of the external envelope. One of the first aspects of the project was to enable these two parts to communicate in a coherent way.

The original condition of the building, a barn characterised by a large empty volume, prompted us to consider the memory of that void as the fulcrum of the design.

Why did you choose Simone Bossi?

Looking at his photos, we were struck by the atmosphere he manages to create and his ability to read spaces. Simply put, we chose Simone because we like his work very much. Simone Bossi doesn’t want to merely photograph a space, he wants to interpret it. To do this, he establishes a very intimate dialectical relationship with the building and during the shooting he prefers to work alone to amplify this alchemy.

from our interview with Studio Wok

Studio wok – Casa di campagna al Chievo – 2018 – Photo: Simone Bossi
Studio wok – Casa di campagna al Chievo – 2018 – Photo: Simone Bossi

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