Bamba, De Teresa, González – Enrique Mora Alvarado – Daniel Moreno Flores – Rama Estudio – Al Borde Arquitectos – Sebastián Calero Larrea


JAG Studio


2014 – open




Over the course of a few years, JAG Studio has photographed many Ecuadorian architecture characterized by a profound study of the spaces and materials related to the territory. Pure and powerful architectures without ephemeral embellishments.
Casa de las Camas en el aire by Al Borde Arquitectos

Neotradicionalismo: Identidad y memoria

Throughout the last (almost) six years traveling Ecuador, doing photographic coverage upon request of contemporary architecture, we have tried to build a discourse through our photographic production; to shape our thoughts, that go beyond the pictures themselves. It intends to build a place, and seeks to summarize and expose a brief approach of new emerging architecture in Ecuador.

Casa Patios by Rama Estudio

This photographic exercise makes us explore the new ways these spaces are inhabited, their relationship with the user and its context, to tackle the natural characteristics of the applied materials. This exhibit intends to generate a dialogue between identity and remembrance, and an architect’s work to pursue its purpose of perfection, based on contemporality and vernacularity.

Text provided by JAG Studio

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