Colo Armchair by Maurício Coelho


Maurício Coelho


Maurício Coelho






Maurício Coelho, @mauriciocoelhodesign

As a main purpose in my creation process, I always try to use geometric shapes and seemingly obvious structures to demonstrate and touch everyone who may have the opportunity to contemplate and make use of what I create. With this piece, it could be no different.

The Colo Armchair has as inspiration the desire for a piece that reminds us of the comfort of a mother’s lap. In search of a structure that reminds us of the act of being carried in the arms, in suspension, aligned with the objective of presenting an uncomplicated and harmonic design, the whole body of this piece is unique and continuous, which makes its conception and fabrication great challenges, but not impossible.

The hidden seams delimit and mark, in a subtle but not imperceptible way, the seat and the back of the arms, contributing to the harmonious and, at the same time, impactful aspect of this piece.
My goal is to offer those who use this armchair the comfort and the good memory of what it is to be held with care.

Text provided by Designer

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