Meditation by MZPA

Meditation by MZPA

Meditation by MZPA


Each item of this collection combines a function, aesthetics and sense of touch.The main colour of the collection is the warm shade of «maple syrup». Among all the variety of materials available we chose ashwood and soft leather for this collection. After all, they are best able to give a “sense of touch” and emotionality. Great attention is given in particular to the surfaces so they are pleasant to touch.

VM Desk

Designed by Sergey Gotvyansky
VM desk is a desk in a smart casual style, made of tough, durable ash wood, has an elegant and exquisite «top manager» look. Warm tones and leather details make even the most stressful workflow a comfortable and cosy one. An important feature of the desk is a leather bag-organizer, which main idea is that at any moment you can simply take a bag with all the necessary things and go, without fear of forgetting anything important in the office.

Mod Shelving

Designed by Alexey Haro
The universal furniture product for home and office. With a contemporary appearance, stillage provides a large variety of different shelvings. They are made of textile, metal and wood materials. Stillage harmoniously combines functionality and an elegant look. The main accent of stillage – its modules: for flowers, books and documents. You can transform it by your own taste: add some shelves in height or width, change them or easily replace from one shelf to another. Stillage definitely provides both as decorating and practical shelving system.

Mild Chair

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova
Mild chair, made of ash wood and fabrics, has a particularly elegant design and combines functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic pleasure, at the same time meeting all requirements for the most comfortable seating place. Mild chair combines Scandinavian character with a French charm. The easy-flow lines of the wooden frame of the chair are stabilized with a wide soft seat and ergonomic back which ensures optimal comfort. Upholstery of the chair is made of fabric. Mild chair ideally combines with a VM desk.

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