Charcoal by Formafantasma

Charcoal by Formafantasma

Charcoal by Formafantasma



In your Charcoal project, an almost forgotten process: the production of slow-combustion coal, becomes at the same time a reminder of history and a means of constructing a series of new objects. In this case particularly, the form is almost beyond your control. Would it be right to assume that your creations are more easily understood intellectually rather than the sensorially?

The most important aspect of our projects is the statement. This is the result of in-depth research. We were fascinated, with the Charcoal project, by the creative process without control over the form. For some, this approach where the designer loses control of the form could be for some, a contradiction. In this project we have pushed the envelope, letting the material speak for itself and leaving the form to its own devices.

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