CC Series by Lisa Stolz


Lisa Stolz




Vienna, Austria

A family of flexible stools

A family of stools, fun objects for everyday use from desk work till dining, allow tilting and twisting movements. Their symmetric shapes and the absence of backrests encourages the sitter to explore different sitting positions. While the ‘minimal material’ thickness allows the plywood pieces to bend and twist when charged, the high tensile strength of birch wood withstands high loads and makes the stools suitable for different weights and sizes.

For a healthier life

Current studies show that the working population spends up to 10 hours per day seated, including time in public transport, at dinner or on the sofa. As the period we sit in chairs increases, it becomes more important to pay attention to the way HOW we sit, as this crucially impacts our body and health. The human body is a dynamic system, which cannot find stasis. We tend to constantly move – while tapping our feet in the tube, playing with a pen during a meeting or changing position during sleep. Simply said, people are ‘unstable’. That’s why chairs should accommodate body movement.

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