Cascina Garbald Studio of Ruinelli Associati


Ruinelli Associati

Marcello Mariana

The farmhouse is located in the meadow behind the complex of the Villa Garbald. The project consists in the reconstruction with position, volume and height identical to the pre-existing building, not only because imposed by the building regulations, but also to plan with a calm approach to the theme and context.
The intervention reinterprets the existing with rigor, through today’s construction means and a few contemporary signs that are expressed mainly in the choice of materials.
The building, intended for temporary residence for researchers, is reduced to the essential in size and functions, but everything has been designed and built with craftsmanship. Everything was “handmade”: the rough plaster of the exterior, the concrete walls, the floor of the ground floor and the stairs, the chestnut works (windows, furniture, coatings), the industrial bronze lamps and the ceramic sink made by a local artist.
The result is an architecture with a high attention to construction, the “intonation” of materials, a space capable of emotionally involving the visitor.

Text provided by architect

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