Casa Sierra Fría by Esrawe Studio


Héctor Esrawe


César Béjar




Mexico City, Mexico



Creative Direction / Héctor Esrawe

Architectural Concept / Esrawe Studio

Architecture, Interior Design, and Furnishing / Esrawe Studio

Project Leader / Ángel Campos

Design Team / Javier García-Rivera, Michele Bajona, Alessandro Sperdutti, Juan Pablo Uribe, Eduardo González, Daniela Pulido, Daniel Torres, Enrique Tovar, Luis Escobar, Abraham Carrillo.

Renders / Moisés González, Lupita Godínez, Arturo Aquino, Yair Ugarte.

External Advisors /

Structure: CARUNTI

Engineering/Installations: COR Ingeniería

Lighting / LUA Luz en Arquitectura

Landscaping / Entorno Taller de Paisaje

Construction / Leydam Consultores SC


The request was for an intimate space for a four-person family. A search for promoting spaces of encounter and interaction, fostering an introspective relationship, isolated from the exterior. A series of volumes, in a horseshoe shape, reveal themselves and unwind throughout the way.

The continuity of the facade, expressed by a single material (brick), contributes to the monolithic and introspective character of the concept. The multiple volumes shaping it become the skin containing and framing the privacy. When entering the house a continuously-flowing space is revealed surrounding the garden, the element that brings it all together and the core of the design, which is visible from all of the rooms and common spaces.

The architectural program includes a garden, four bedrooms, a studio, living room, dining room, kitchen, outdoor patio, wine cellar, and rooftop terrace.

Text provided by the architect

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