Casa RI – Wespi de Meuron Romeo

House RI – Wespi de Meuron Romeo

A holiday home with internal courtyards and a beautiful view of Lake Maggiore.

House RI. in Brissago – Photo: Hannes Henz

Can you tell us about this project?

It is a holiday home located on a slope overlooking Lake Maggiore. The house is on 4 floors and the access is from the top. Here we worked on the idea of having a single volume and digging it to obtain the various living spaces and inner courtyards arranged on several floors. The concept of excavated mass can also be found in the composition of the facades, therefore the arrangement of the windows seems almost random.

House RI. in Brissago – Photo: Hannes Henz

We used washed concrete to build the structure. It is a particular technique where we removed shortly the superficial part of cement after the casting, so that the inert remains in sight. We liked the idea of having a new artifact but “already consumed by time”.
Inside instead we used traditional rough plaster.
While in regards to the pool area, it was designed with the same philosophy of having a single monolithic block and digging it.


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