Casa Modica by holzius with Cosimo Modica


holzius, Cosimo Modica


René Miller




Vezzano, Italy


In Vezzano, a small village of 400 inhabitants on the slopes of Monte Sole, the sunniest side of the middle and lower Val Venosta, holzius builds a multi-family house in solid wood left in its natural state in just 9 weeks, a real living organism without glues and metallic and energetically autonomous parts, which interprets the needs of the clients in full symbiosis with the language of the surrounding nature.

It is inhabited by the Modica family, two children and an attention to ecological and eco-sustainability that was born by visiting the Klimahaus Fair, also convicted of the encounter with holzius. “At the fair – says Cosimo Modica who runs a carpentry within a social solidarity cooperative – they were fascinated by the ingenious connection in wood that are not glue or metal and which at the same time guarantee dimensional stability and the holzius philosophy that it uses also the “lunar wood”, ie during the waning moon phases in which the sap enters the resting phase, the material to acquire additional qualities of stability, durability and hardness. “

For the design, the holzius team worked closely with the home owner, enthusiastically tackling challenges and criticalities together, including the positioning of the house on the hillside which was solved with the creation, replacing the traditional basement with exposed foundations, a ventilated solid wood ceiling at the back, which guarantees air circulation and prevents any possible humidity. The assembly team then worked on the shell of the house, completely covering it in untreated solid wood. In particular, the external solid wood walls, consisting of 3 layers (180 mm) with wood fiber insulation, intersect with sections covered with dark gray plaster, while those inside are covered with clay plaster, which provides additional warmth and safety.

The living area of ​​220 square meters has been divided into two residential units with the lower floor set up for the use of parents and the upper one for the use of children with spaces defined for each.
“The atmosphere in the house is extremely pleasant and a feeling of well-being has never been felt before. Compared to the brick house where we lived for 25 years, the climate inside is unique, we don’t feel very cold even though we live at the same temperatures, and I seem to notice that even the plants grow better “, confides Cosimo Modica.

Another distinctive element of the project is its energy autonomy which allows the house to produce the needs it needs thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system that supplies electricity to the water-air heat pump that runs through the underfloor heating system. generating heat inside the building. For the irrigation of the garden, on the other hand, a rainwater tank of 5,000 liters present in the lawn is used.

Text provided by Architect

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