Casa Mirella by Giovanni Mecozzi


Giovanni Mecozzi

Simone Bossi




Ravenna, Italy 

Mirella is the result of the renovation of a single-family building in the historic center of Ravenna, located in a typical gothic plot enclosed on the sides by two adjacent buildings, facing two opposite streets.

Thanks to the sensitivity shown by the client, the project could develop in search of a strong dialogue between the existing elements and the contemporary grafts. Despite the complete renovation of the property, the original typological perception of the house is kept, perfectly fitting in the context of the neighborhood.

Contemporaneity takes place in the interiors, instead. In the gothic plot the vertical distribution space and the relation with the inner court become the core elements around which spaces are reinterpreted. The compression from the sides caused by the narrow and deep geometry is compensated by the exaltation of the verticality of the building and by the renewed spatial continuity between the interior and the garden. The reinterpretation of the new living area and the construction of two terraces totally facing the inner courtyard create unexpected visual scenarios that allow the enhancing of the horizontality, while the new skylights in the living room and in the stairs bring the blue sky to contrast with the oak floor of the interiors.. 

The choice of the materials reflects the relation between classical and contemporary. The lime plasters and the gypsum frames, as well as the terracotta tiles used to restore the garden floor, are directly related to the metal staircase that connects the first floor to the second floor and with custom-made furniture of simple lines and soft colors. All linked by oak floors, herringbone shaped in the most classic rooms, whereas with a contemporary pattern in the living area.

Text provided by the architect

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