Casa CRT by Studio Melesi


Studio Melesi


Giacomo Albo




Lecco, Italy


Here the project was born. A building that “floats” on the lawn, permeable to feel, structured on the natural elements that surround it, where correspondence with those who live there expands its dimensions.
This unique environment opens vertically and horizontally, like a tree that, fixed on the ground, stretches until it reaches the sun’s rays towards the sky and with its foliage it widens to form an articulated intertwining of branches where the fruits are housed, food for many.

In the center of the house, the protected part of the rooms marks its heart. From here, the whole family reassembles the space of the house, with a single glance in unity, it can completely travel from ground to sky.
The opening on the ground floor allows that dimension towards everything that happens around the dwelling, even when shielded, it lets it filter along its entire perimeter from the light of day.
The interior is made of soft and warm wood, the outer back protected by a metal sheet.
The water slides along the leaf of the tree before falling back beyond the encumbrance directly protected in the ground it awaits and this is also the case for this building in which the possible obstacles of incommunicability are removed and the protective shell leaves room for the permeability of the transparent crystal .

THE TREE MAG – The Fruits of Ideas