Cais da Rocha by António Costa Lima Arquitectos


António Costa Lima Arquitectos


Francisco Nogueira




Lisbon, Portugal


In the very old beating heart of Lisbon is the Cais da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos that was built only two centuries ago. Fortunately it remains in permanent activity and transformation giving life and purpose to very soul of the city.
The project consists of the rehabilitation of two old warehouses with very different characteristics.
The first one is built on solid brick walls that suspend the roof made of 4 metalic trusses and a iron/wooden mezzanine to maintain.
The second one presents a wide double vaulted space. The hyperbolic shaped ceiling is built on a set of 6 metallic arcs coated with a corrugated metal sheet.
The space was divided in a set of 5/6 offices duly compartmented, served by a community space on the center with a cafeteria, meeting room, pantry and sanitary facilities.
The idea consists on the union of the two different volumes in a balanced set. The solution is simple: an horizontal balcony extends its length along the old brick warehouse and beyond, crossing the top of the second one, becoming the new mezzanine of the great vaulted space.
The main entrance gains a depth and a scale consistent with the nature of the building.
The raw treatment of the interior follows the original function, presenting the true nature of the materials (structure and elements) without divergent coatings or ornaments.

Text provided by the architect

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