BROLETTOUNO by Archiplan Studio

BROLETTOUNO by Archiplan Studio

BROLETTOUNO by Archiplan Studio


Archiplan Studio


Davide Galli




Mantova, Italy


It is a renovation project of a small apartment intended as a tourist residence in the heart of the historic center of Mantova.
The BROLETTOUNO apartment belongs to a line of design research that we have been pursuing for some time and that it is possible to find in several of our interventions on the built heritage.
We basically try to hold together two worlds, that of the old and that of the new, in a balance able to guarantee the identities of both. Light and shadow are maintained in their ambiguity and plurality, without sacrificing the reasons of one to the detriment of the other.
In particular, the project emphasizes the differences and heterogeneities of the individual spaces, in which ambiguity and contradiction are stylized with respect to stylistic unity.
Thus the precision of the element designed with great rigor emerges, combined with the imperfection of the material element in which the action of time has transferred an unusual energy.
The furnishing elements, all designed, are configured as objects that are partly scorbutical and partly refined, a sort of bestiary, and establish hybrid relationships with the individual spaces within which they are inserted. The signs of time, of man’s work and of the aesthetic intent of different eras remain, while the new signs overlap in a complexity that does not cancel out other knowledge.

Beauty can be found everywhere and is not linked to the intrinsic value of the material.
It emerges above all in the fragments, in the evocative forms and in their relationships.
I believe that relationships represent the most important theme of our design path.
Our privileged relationships try to hold opposites together, such as strength and fragility, the perfect and imperfect, the shine of a newly produced object and the unpredictability of materials that have fallen into a state of abandonment.
Each project represents a path and an attempt at synthesis with respect to issues that are always open and always in progress.

Text provided by architect

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