Brioni by LucidiPevere for Kristalia

Brioni by LucidiPevere for Kristalia

Brioni by LucidiPevere for Kristalia











Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere tell us about their relationship with Kristalia and how this series of chairs with simple and soft lines was born.

LucidiPevere – Brioni per Kristalia

You have done more than one project for this company …

Kristalia together with Foscarini are two of our studio’s long-standing customers and they are located a few kilometres from where we work. We are particularly attached to these two companies because they were the first two important brands that believed in us despite us being novices. These important collaborations have allowed us to make ourselves known and seriously enter into the world of design.

Kristalia became famous primarily with the production of tables and then with chairs. Brioni is their first upholstery project and it was completed very quickly.

I remember they called us at the end of July, asking if it was possible to see the project in September. For us, from August it was the perfect time to draw something new, because in this holiday period the phone rings much less and it is possible to do things calmly.

LucidiPevere – Brioni per Kristalia

Is the construction technique of this product different than how upholstery is usually manufactured?

Yes, instead of the classic upholstery made with the wooden case covered in rubber, here we have a technological object that has its own “intelligence” whose rigid base is made with a polyurethane mould which is then completed with soft foam. The possibility of having a polyurethane mould as a base allowed us to design an object with more complex features and capable of superior performance to the simple wooden shape. Brioni indoor and Brioni contract was also conceived from this first outdoor series.

Despite the play on words from the point of view of form we wanted to create an informal object, just like the DNA of the company. Also for this reason we have created not a just an outdoor sofa but a cross between an ottoman and a sofa.

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