Bridge House by BIO-architects

Bridge House by BIO-architects

Bridge House by BIO-architects






Zaokskiy, Russia

Out of comfort zone. You always need to go beyond your limits in order to be succussfull in business, art or any other field. We are going in the mountains, swimming in the oceans, falling in love, discovering new places in order to feel something new.
This project has become a challenge for us and an unexpectable decision for a client. The idea of the second house on site was transformed into a game of the wooden structure between two banches. The internal space that was formed by the structure has become the wide open place for creative work. All the loadcarrying structure is made of wood. There is a living room with the kitchen, two sleeping rooms with the bathrooms and sleeping spaces on the second floor of the living room.
«People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges» (с)Joseph Fort Newton

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