Bodega by Joel Escalona


Joel Escalona


Joel Escalona






The depth of the objects goes beyond their dimensions.
By drawing shadow over shadow it is possible to create a sensation of three-dimensional layers. By subtracting light and adding darkness, we achieve a deepness effect, where dramatic darkness dominates penetrating light.

Bodega refers to cellar art or better known as chiaroscuro, an extreme contrast technique of light and shadow used by Caravaggio, one of the most renowned Italian painters in history. This movement was so great that in its time entire schools dedicated to teaching this technique appeared, where artists installed their workshops in underground cellars with small light entrances that allowed them to practice this particular style.

The term chiaroscuro implies a sharp transition from darkness to light, losing the nuances and subtle color transitions, but resulting in theatrical and protagonist textures and volumes, like this furniture collection.
Composed of a credenza, a dresser and a cabinet, Bodega series carries on its faces´ shadows created with marquetry of thin sheets of wood in different shades, one over another, as if they were in constant but slow movement.

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