Bathing Pier in Askim by Elisabetta Gabrielli, Sara Mendoza, Pontus Öhman (Manofactory AB)

Bathing Pier in Askim by Elisabetta Gabrielli, Sara Mendoza, Pontus Öhman (Manofactory AB)

Bathing Pier in Askim by Elisabetta Gabrielli, Sara Mendoza, Pontus Öhman (Manofactory AB)

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Elisabetta Gabrielli,
Sara Mendoza,
Pontus Ohman[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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Askimsbadet consists of a sandy shallow beach and a vast grass-covered land surrounded by beautiful nature. A straight walking lane with trees leads down to the beach and to the starting point of the new bathing pier. The pier is conceived as an elegant and dynamic structure accessible to everyone, aiming to offer space for sunbathing, swimming, resting and walking. It reaches 259 meters out to the sea where the water is deep enough for dipping; it is Sweden’s longest pier. Despite its dimensions the pier is experienced as a space in human scale thanks to its playful design based on clusters of multifunctional elements and the treatment of the surfaces. The pier consists in an artificial landscape designed by four longitudinal lanes that run along the entire pier and serve different functions. The central stripe is an uninterrupted walking lane. Two narrow stripes lining the central one host integrated elements that can be used for sunbathing and resting or as benches or shelters. The fourth lane starts with clusters of similar multifunctional elements, which create pleasant intimate spaces, and then turns into a sequence of three ramps fully accessible to swimmers with impaired mobility. The pier has also two large sun decks equipped with several integrated elements, just like the pier, offering more space for sunbathing, swimming and playing. The treatment of the surfaces scales down the dimensions of the pier. The lanes are molded with a wooden board relief, while the edges of the pier are made of smooth concrete with recessed lighting. The multifunctional elements have wooden casing with sides of smooth concrete. The bathing pier in Askim is a proper public space, a pier for any user.

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