Baita MV by Luconi Architetti Associati


Luconi Architetti Associati

Marcello Mariana




Madesimo, Sondrio, Italy






The project consists of the extension and internal completion of an existing cabin, which has already been renovated limited to the shell. The external architectural changes are resolved in the replacement of the fixed wooden cladding with a system of opening doors that reveal new large windows allowing you to enjoy, from the mezzanine floor, the suggestive views of the Alpine panorama.

At the foot of the building, on the south and north fronts, there are two modest extensions which, due to their position and architectural features, allow to preserve the identity of the main building.

The project is based on the ambivalence of the two levels; the upper one for the living area is an open space opens to the panorama and the new wooden terrace that covers the annex on the sunny front; the lower level, used as the sleeping area, provides more intimate spaces and measured openings.


Text provided by the architect

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