Aventree Hotel by Kooo Architects


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Hangzhou, China

15 mirror glasses reflect surrounding natural scene.

Averntree hotel located in the south west of West Lake, which is the most famous landmark in Hangzhou, at the top of Wengjiashan mountain. As the development of the city and tea business on Wengjiashan mountain, more and more people come to visit Wengjiashan so there is an increasing number of hotels on it.

The original building got 5 floors, was built by the villagers on the mountain and had been through renovations several times. Before we re-design the hotel, the building was basically brick and concrete structure mixed with steel structure. Plenty of illogical decoration surbase on the façade, mixed with Chinese roof top makes the building looks pretty strange.

Our clients need a boutique hotel but the main building right now totally exposes itself to people’s sight without any blocking. The material of the fence was totally different from the building, which destroy the entirety of the whole hotel. Within a limited budget, we didn’t try to renovate the whole building, but focus on the roof top and the fence: wrap up the complicated decoration surbase on the roof top, and re-design the fence, which separates the hotel and the external environment. We try to use the same material to build the new roof top and fence, which makes the new hotel into a complete system.

Normally, solid walls are built to keep absolute privacy for the hotel. But in such natural environment, we hope to divide space in a more gentle way.

We try to use corten steel pipes as the material of the entrance, and at the same time as the fence of the hotel. As you walk alone the entrance, the increasing height of the ramp gives us a chance to create the sense of ritual of entering a hotel. Unlike normal hotels, we combine entrance and fence to create an entrance space with different layers.

The corten steel pipes start from the beginning of the ramp, as you walk alone the ramp, the steel pipes keep increasing height while the top of the pipes remains the same height. Such form of the entrance strengthen the process of “entering” the hotel.

To keep the unique image, we try to hide all the decoration elements of the original building to reach to the goal of modern architecture. In connect with corten steel pipes, we use corten steel boards as the material of new roof top. The new roof top and fence will change their texture over time.

With the advantage of the site, we have 4 different outdoor courtyards in the hotel.

The public rooftop terrace and the private balcony on 4f can easily overlook into West Lake and the great view of the mountain. The new roof top re-shape the top guestroom and create a new private balcony for it.

3 original trees were kept in the courtyard of the entrance floor. We simply divide the floor using concrete rather than complicated design.The biggest public space located on 1f, surrounded by a large number of tall trees. We design 15 mirror glasses as the emphases of west elevation, which can be the background of the 1f courtyard.

15 mirror glasses reflect surrounding natural scene. Different changes can be seen from different angle. Mirror glasses reduce the volume of west elevation and let natural scene project on the building, creating a communication between nature and architecture.

The original structure divided the plan into two parts: more privacy for the inner part and more natural views for the rest. So we manage to put lobby inside to create a darker space, put restaurant and lounge close to the window so that people could enjoy the best view while chilling.

Lobby use black walnut to darken the space and there is one-to-one match between the gap of ceiling and wall.

Public staircase was covered by linen. Doors and handrails are made by bronze texture steel. Multiple materials makes the tiny staircase more detailed.

There are four main room types in the hotel. We design a floating light box above the cabinet with gentle cove light upwards and two downlights. The whole light box overhung on the wall without any auxiliary support.

Open bathroom was designed by the window, with the great view of mountain.

The only private courtyard located in suite room. A long glass folding door can be opened entirely, which makes the courtyard and guestroom inosculate as a whole space. Due to the existing bearing wall, a mini bar was designed in the middle of the room, rotated 45 degrees, that changes the angle of view of bedroom and living room.

Twin room is long and narrow, so we focus on the wall and make different patterns on it to reduce the oppressive feeling.

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