Atmosfere by Giacomo Costa

Atmosfere by Giacomo Costa

Atmosfere by Giacomo Costa


Giacomo Costa


Giacomo Costa




Giacomo Costa

This series of works by Giacomo Coasta age slowly with us. Here we are some frames.

Giacomo Costa – Serie Atmosfere, Timescape 10_275 – 2018

Can you talk about the 2018 Atmosfere series?

It is called like this because I imagine a world without atmosphere as if we were in space.

So there is no longer the density of the air nor the sounds.

The project at the beginning had to be a series of shots, then working on it I decided to turn it into images that changed over time.

Let me explain better with an example, the customer who buys one of these works of mine buys a backlit photo with a frame, as if it were a simple light-box. In reality within the frame there is a large monitor with very high resolution and the image changes slightly from day to day. This happens because what we see is a video made of 1000 frames and one is passed every several hours, if one passes every 24 hours it would take about three years to witness the whole mutation! A city slowly collapses day after day, or a volcano erupts, this work during the collector’s lifetime changes with him.

Giacomo Costa – Serie Atmosfere, Timescape 12_350 – 2018

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