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Ki by Hugues Revuelta for Karpenter

Karpenter has created a table with an elegant and unusual shape. In this collection Karpenter has shown how it is possible to obtain good design and at the same time pay attention to the health of our planet, in fact the objects are made of reclaimed wood.

Barca’s by Fabio Fantolino

A contemporary restaurant inspired by the United States of the 60s and 70s.

ciAsa Aqua Bad Cortina by Pedevilla Architects

This high mountain house was built reinterpreting some building techniques of the past in a modern key and selecting some local materials. The shape of the trapeze dominates the whole composition.

Sette House by Fabio Fantolino

Fabio Fantolino tells us about this project and how his attention to every detail allows to obtain a clear and balanced stylistic result.

Tecla by MC A – Mario Cucinella Architetcs

Mario Cucinella together with WASP realizes a project where high technology is put at the service of sustainability.

Golinelli Arts and Sciences Centre by MC A – Mario Cucinella Architetcs

Mario Cucinella has sought through the form of this building to express the philosophy of Marino Golinelli who has always believed in the union of the humanistic world with the scientific one.

Apartment in Porta Venezia by Studio wok

The founders of Studio wok tell us about this apartment in Milan characterized by spaces and architectural volumes put in continuous relationship with each other and capable of generating interesting points of view for the observer.

Country house in Chievo by Studio Wok

The founders of Studio wok tell us about this renovation project for a rural house near Verona. The result is an architecture linked to the context, designed with an aesthetic approach and contemporary construction techniques.

Brioni by LucidiPevere for Kristalia

Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere tell us about their relationship with Kristalia and how this series of chairs with simple and soft lines was born.