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war | religion by Marco Di Lauro

Marco Di Lauro through this photographic project, borns from a selection of some photos taken during his many travels on war territories, invites us to reflect on the explicit bond between war and religion.

John Pawson and Salvatori Marmi

Gabriele Salvatori, the Creative Director of Salvatori, tells us how he started what later became a long association with John Pawson.

Angelina Jolie with UNHCR by Marco Di Lauro

Marco Di Lauro tells us when Angelina Jolie called him to be accompanied in Afghanistan with the aim of collecting money to give to charity.

Food Crisis by Marco Di Lauro

Marco Di Lauro tells us about the photographic project he made free for UNICEF in 2010, regarding the serious problem of malnutrition in Niger. Food Crisis allowed him to win the World Press Photo in 2011.

Second Wind of James Turrell photographed by Simone Bossi

Simone Bossi during one of his trips went to Vejer de la Frontera and photographed the Second Wind installation that James Turrel created for the NMAC foundation in 2005.

4Decimi by Martinelli Venezia

In 4Decimi Martinelli Venezia makes us understand what the soul of the studio is and how design can be done regardless of the involvement of large companies with considerable capital.

Bridge Lamp by Francesco Meda

Francesco Meda has created this lamp whose structure is made simply by cutting a sheet of metal that is then folded by hand

Magnetica made by Martinelli Venezia for Luce5

A project that lives on the balance of opposing forces. The illuminated body should fall because it is attracted by the force of gravity, but the reflective body keeps it suspended in the void thanks to a magnetic field generated by him.

H.O.R.T.U.S at Expo Astana 2017 by ecoLogic Studio

ecoLogic Studio creates a perfectly functioning home prototype that is not limited to being self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements but is able to produce oxygen for the city and edible food for its inhabitants.