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Priceless Milano by Park Associati

A temporary pavilion designed to create a strong accent of novelty on ancient buildings.

Talea by LucidiPevere for De Castelli

Filippo Pisan, creative director of De Castelli, tells us about his experience with the LucidiPevere studio and how this bookshelf was born, whose shape is inspired by botanical elements.

Caldesini by Rocco Borromini

Rocco Borromini in this intervention on two ancient rural buildings located in the middle of the Tuscan countryside has wisely blended and created a balance between past and present.

Gucci Hub by Piuarch

Kering is one of the most important groups in the fashion and luxury sector. A few years ago he commissioned Piuarch to redevelop an old factory in Milan to establish the Gucci headquarters.

BLF Headquarters by Piuarch

This project by Piuarch for the new headquarters of the Banque Lebanon Française in Beirut is based on a strong idea. In other words, to consider part of the building as a continuation of the neighborhood that houses it and to do this a “vertical road” was built that winds through the greenery and reserves many views overlooking the city.

Salewa Headquarters by Park Associati

The large multi-faceted volume becomes a new attraction in a border area between the city and the mountains.

Yoroi by Alessandro Masturzo for De Castelli

Filippo Pisan, creative director of De Castelli, tells us how this piece of furniture inspired by the armors of the ancients samurai was made.

Bentini Headquarters by Piuarch

In this building Piuarch creates a façade characterized by the careful orthogonal composition of numerous hollow volumes. This design as well as having a strong impact on the aesthetics of the building is an alternative technical solution to solar screens.

Engie Headquarters by Park Associati

The profound redevelopment of a building built in the 80s in the Bicocca district of Milan.