Arcreatures by Federico Babina

Arcreatures by Federico Babina

Arcreatures by Federico Babina


Federico Babina


Personal project



Federico Babina designs these architectures that look like animals, just like he did when he was a child.

Arcreatures – Federico Babina – 2019
Arcreatures- Federico Babina – 2019

In “Arcreatures” there is a strong interest in animals …

Yes, that’s right. “Arcreatures” is a project very dear to me because I like working on architectural drawings with an anthropomorphic look as well as playing with the childish elements that can be found in this kind of approach. Growing up I have always wanted to be an architect and I don’t even know why. Now that I am one, sometimes I wish I could go back in time so as to view the world through child’s eyes. I really enjoy being an architect and the topics and issues we deal with are somewhat very important however I just wish architects would refrain from taking themselves too seriously. For this reason, I often find myself playing with the images to create architectures with an anthropomorphic looks with hidden eyes and faces; I look for architecture in a parallel universe, making up architectural shapes with elements from other themes. I make architectural drawings that look like animals or monsters that exist: if we were to check, you would be able to spot anthropomorphic or zoomorphic elements in every building!

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