Ampulheta armchair by Maurício Coelho


Maurício Coelho


Maurício Coelho






Maurício Coelho, @mauriciocoelhodesign

The Ampulheta Armchair is a milestone in my creative process. Being my first piece developed as a furniture designer, this design tells a story of personal transition, in which I start my own path of traces, conceptions, forms and ideas. Thus, the name Hourglass (Ampulheta in portuguese) brings two main meanings and representations: first, it refers to the subtle design of the backrest, in a simple and direct visualization; second, invisible and subjective, to the moment of transition that this piece represents to me.

From the structural aspect, the base is supported on the backrest in a transitional and barely perceptible way, promoting an air of lightness to the piece, even generating a certain discomfort in the eye, as to the nature of its support. The “feet” are positioned in a triangular shape, whose geometric structure is characterized by firmness, robustness, and balance.

The back and the seat are ergonomically designed, in a way to “embrace” the user, as well as aesthetically, supporting the rest of the design. The entire piece is built with forms and elements that support each other harmonically, just like in a symphony, where each instrument is essential to the great work.

Text provided by Designer

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