I-10Studio composed of Marwan Al-Sayed Architect, Wendell Burnette Architects, Rick Joy Architects

Joe Fletcher, Jeremy Bittermann, Aman Resort Group

The thirty-four-room luxury hotel and spa in southern Utah is sited against a low Entrada sandstone rock formation, as though it were an ancient settlement, allowing guests to experience the raw natural beauty of the surrounding mesas and mesmerizing light shows. The focal point of the resort is its indoor/outdoor living-room lounge and swimming pool, which wraps around a central rock formation, emphasizing the site’s essential elements: waterland, and sky. The buildings are designed as thick concrete masses carved by program, movement, and light. Leading from the main pavilion and pool are two wings that bend and fold against the rock formation. The wing to the east is composed of seventeen suites that are reached via an external walled street designed like a slot canyon, complete with the sound of water, the smell of fruit trees and the refreshing feeling of dampness. The wing to the south, also with seventeen suites, folds across the desert sand and undulating rock formations. The suites are entered through thick-walls concrete court that opens into a room with an exclusive view of the landscape. A raised stone island in the center of the room incorporates desk, bed and couch. The bathing and dressing areas are carved out of the thick concrete and lined with green stone and water elements. Outside each suite, a stone plinth terminates with additional lounging benches replete with a private fire pit that captures the essence of desert camping. Several suites come with private pools and elevated sky-beds for sleeping under the stars. The spa is at the end of the south wing. The architecture mirrors the erosion and the silent passage of time.Wet treatment areas are defined by sculpted organic forms and natural or filtered light, while dry treatment areas are lined with wood and illuminated with colored light.

Text provided by architect

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