Ala by Errin Kancal

Ala by Errin Kancal

Ala by Errin Kancal


Errin Kancal


image ©Errin Kancal




Chicago, U.S.A.


Errin Kancal

Ala Collection gently alludes to divine, colourful, existence. The beauty of stone elevated, capturing the mind and heart. A culture blended, wrapped and honored – welcoming your embrace. The Ala collection is a reveal of splendor, yielding to the bold. Errin, together with her talented stone master ran towards her vision – to retain the statement and strength of metamorphic rock while having it melt into an embraceable shape. The quality of craftsmanship is visible in every angle of the marbles fine finish. A tribute to the eye and hand of the Turkish “usta” in delivering Errin’s imagination. The fullness of the Ala collection design is recognizable in its detail. Each marble block is carefully curated. Ala table, with its striking pedestal base and curved dining surface, joins Errin’s line of tables – continuing her longing to bring beauty, simply, to a place we most often gather. In a market that is saturated with technology and design, the crafting of pieces such as this gives a home to the purpose of integrity.

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