Adara Ventures office by OOAA Architecture Studio


OOAA Architecture Studio


Rafael Diéguez




Madrid, Spain

The office is placed in the corner of a classical building in the centric Paseo de la Castellana of Madrid. The flat has great views over a roundabout and many windows facing the street.

After a preliminary study of the company’s needs, their type of work, their programme, etc. we decide to divide the office into different areas depending on the type of work: individual work, quick meetings, long meetings and informal meetings. To each of this area, we introduce different attributes:

  • Individual work: long stay, office chairs with wheels.

  • Quick meetings: stools.

  • Long meetings: chairs.

  • Informal meetings: armchairs.

    We understood that, different seat heights would clarify and help the different types of work that happen in an office.

    As for the layout and the materials, we project them according to the different uses of the office. In the area where we have less natural light we locate the meeting rooms: quick, long and informal. Here we use oak wood to cover the floor, the walls and the ceiling.

    On the other hand, for all the area with natural light and exterior view windows, we enhance this light with an artisan mix of lime for the walls, in bone colour, and we use a carpet for the floor. Here, we locate the individual work area, where the light is key.

    This way – by using certain materials – we create a big contrast between spaces according to their different uses.

    In this project, our main goal was to obtain a comfortable space using unusual materials for offices such as wooden and artisan walls, and a contemporary look achieved by its high definition and strict constructive principles.

Text provided by the architect

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