Ada Lovelace secondary shool by A+Architecture

Ada Lovelace secondary shool by A+Architecture

Ada Lovelace secondary shool by A+Architecture




image ©Benoit Wehrle




Nîmes, Gard, France

The Anthropocene, i.e. the Age of Man, is the period in the history of the Earth that began when human activities had a significant and largely negative overall impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.
As architects, we have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
Ada Lovelace secondary shool was therefore designed with this in mind. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly building.
As the 1st exemplary clean energy school (BEPOS) with the NoWatt label and silver level BDM for Occitania, the building offers future users – students and teachers – an amenity that has been designed in total harmony with its environment.
The stones covering the facade are locally sourced, the insulation is made of hemp and wood wool and solar panels were naturally installed on the roof, as the area receives a lot of sun.
Beyond these environmental basics, we have produced a contemporary, bold, powerful and dynamic architectural structure. We wanted people to be drawn to this place of education in this difficult neighbourhood. Shapes
collide, as stainless-steel panels make it seem as though the facades are empty, which are broken up by rows of windows.


• An organic, environmentally friendly design and operation.
• Offers education that focuses on the digital arts and cultures.
• User Control Assistance to involve people attending the school, from its design to its operation. A game and a website, managed by Citae, were therefore built with
the students based on the digital model of the building to allow them to visit it virtually, give their opinion and learn about energy saving.
• Contributing to the urban renewal of the Mas de Mingue district where the school is located.

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