a brother, a sister, a rural house by Bongiana Architetture


Bongiana Architetture

Andrea Anoni, Laura Abbascià




Padova, Italy
ph: Andrea Anoni

A brother, a sister.
It’s a house with no qualities, specially it is a house but not really at all.
It’s a restoration project of an old house situated around Padua, in the italians countryside.
It’s a space for human relations, for living together the weekends, for parties, for the bbq, gor
vegetables gardens, for memories and family celebrations.
The project set up the two familiar unities, around the exterior side, a traditional space called “Aia”,
that it was well-known as a collective space for farmer’s works and family playground at the same
The two unities , both strongly feautered in a brutalism approach, share this space, keeping, at the
same time, the privacy they need.
The dwelling is emptied, keeping the naked structure, for having two double-heights environments.
We design some frugal object, just like some iron lamps and a concrete kitchen, to try to keep alive
the sobriety and the semplicity of the existing building, even if with a new freedom.

Text provided by the architect

ph: Andrea Anoni
ph: Laura Abbascià

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