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The interest for our environment and the desire to create for a better future hasnalways been central to our family. In 2012 we founded Kovac Family together, with the intention to make something long-lasting, that could be passed on from generation to generation, and so our first product, the 25Lamp was born. It has since then become our best selling piece.
The name stems from the fact that the lamp is made of 25 pieces, and also hints to how transparent we strive to be towards our customers as we believe it is important to know how your furniture was made and where it came from.

To us, sustainability isn’t only the material the product was made from, it should also include how it was assembled, by whom and how it was shipped. Those details are something we’ve worked carefully on with the 25Lamp. For example, it is made from FSC certified wood, assembled in Sweden and ships flat to save energy, as it can be folded and shipped like an envelope.
When founding our studio we realized that one of the key factors in sustainable production is to constantly stay up to date with innovations and reinvent the production process as new research and solutions are found. That has been our mission since creating our first product.

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