Brick Vault House

Estudio Alberto Burgos, Javier Cortina Maruenda, Space Popular.
The Brick Vault House is a prototype for suburban house construction that integrates industrialised construction methods with traditional craftsmanship in Valencia, Spain.

Villa Mandra

Sitting on the ridge of the hill of Aleomandra in Mykonos yet almost entirely hidden from view, Villa Mandra looks straight out to sea and the sunset over the neighbouring island of Delos.

Casa DF

Delfino Lozano.
Casa DF (DF House) is located in the heart of Guadalajara, a few blocks away from the Templo Expiatorio (Expiatory Temple), one of the most beautiful and representative places in the city.

Casa R

Orma Architettura.
Casa R project is established in a sensitive and complex landscape. Located at the very end of the village of Sotta (South Corsica), where the urban development area ended.

House 12k

Dierendonck Blancke Architecten.
The first steps taken by the architect and the client start with the search of a suitable building site.

Casa Nakasone

Escobedo Soliz.
The house is located in an informal neighbourhood on the outskirts of Mexico City. This small house of 100 m2 spread over just 50 m2 on two levels was built for a retired teacher.

Les Marais

Alain Carle Arrchitecte.
The “Les Marais” project begins with a fascination for the built landscape of the empty space that characterizes North American rural areas, often consisting of large flat expanses studded with groups of buildings.

Yomogidai House

Tomoaki Uno Architects.
The client is a middle-aged single man. We have a budget plan for a future marriage.

Reading under the lake

Waterform Design.
Find a simple and tranquil, harmonious and undisturbed dwelling place in the world.