Casa DF

Delfino Lozano. Casa DF (DF House) is located in the heart of Guadalajara, a few blocks away from the Templo Expiatorio (Expiatory Temple), one of the most beautiful and representative places in the city.

With divided use and a hidden by the pass of the years colloquial architecture, this project begins over an existing property.

The basis of the project is marked by the combination of elements: a central and posterior patio that mark the way to crossed ventilation and natural illuminated spaces. Its geographical location (nestled in a suburban context) dictates the need of zenithal lights, therefore opening the tiles which grant the project constant illumination during the day and ventilation that allows the living areas to be habitable at all times.

It´s program responds to a familiy´s specific needs, and in order to fulfill them it was necessary to break the repetitive distributions of the actual architecture and create a workshop/entrance which links to a distributor that leads to the first patio, where the original fountain of the property is found as well as a brick floor that invites you to keep learning more about the house.

The wide interior and of a considerable height spaces, the mosaic floors and the wood details that frame the area which embellishes the kitchen; the playful and imperfect collocation of Talavera tiles and indirect lighting, is how unique spaces are created, always respecting the contextual architecture of the project´s surroundings.

The second patio turns into an extension of the kitchen and a distributor towards the second floor. At this point an intimate space is generated, perfect for the studio and the encounter with the fifth façade. The rooftop works as an excellent terrace, making use of the indirect lighting to win tiles without the need of any other intervention.

White is the base color of the project. This serves to dramatize the elements of brick and clay plaster, seeking the appreciation of artisan craftwork.To coronate the façade there is a brick mat that covers the main entrance in an arch form, a common and repeated element in several areas of the house.
DF house is defined by its natural lighting and the use of regional finishes.

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