Diederik de Koning, Laura Van Santen.
This house with barn in Laren came forth from the wish of a retired couple to return to their rural roots in the former textile production region in the East of the Netherlands.

Solo House

Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen.
The Belgium architects Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen realized right after the Chileans Mauricio Pezo and Sonia Von Ellrichshausen the second “second home”.

Sun Valley House

Studio Rick Joy.
A quiet family vacation villa, secluded in the arid highlands of Sun Valley, Idaho, is located just beyond the limits of a designated avalanche chute.


Studio Rick Joy. What was the ambition of the project?
We designed a home with verticality, to respond to the stormy and snowy weather conditions…

Studio Cascina Garbald

Ruinelli Architetti.
The farmhouse is situated in a meadow behind the villa Garbald complex.

ELL House

Marco Ortalli.
ELL House is a minimal and concrete house designed by Marco Ortalli Architect nestled in a natural landscape at the edge of a national park in Carugo, Italy.

Gongzheng Collection

Mario Tsai Studio.
Gongzheng Collection takes aluminium profile as the research subject to explore the limit of its scale and strength in furniture manufacturing.

Big Sur Barn

Mary Ann Schicketanz.
This barn serves as the main area to socialize for a California family retreat.

La nave del topo

Pía Mendaro.
Spanish architect Pia Mendaro defies convention and reconfigures the requisites of a modern home in the design of Topo’s Shed – a home-cum-studio for her artist friend Clara Cebrian in Madrid.

Peratadallada Castle

A garden out of carved stone In Peratallada, an awesome village in the region of the Baix Empordà, a project of the Architecture Studio MESURA has changed the landscape of the area.