Sola Church

JAJA Architects and Brandsberg Dahl. The Sola Church is designed to be the new gathering space in the town of Sola.

Vrå Children and Culture Center

JAJA Architects. The Vrå Children and Culture Centre goes beyond a conventional school building. It is a place that challenges the boundaries between classroom academics, extracurricular activities, and community life.


Atelier Fanelsa. A young family from the city is longing to live in the countryside. A place, that is suitable for creative work and cultural events.


Atelier Fanelsa. Transformation of a protected barn into a workshop for the experimentation and implementation of bioregional architectural projects.

House in Meco

Atelier RUA. The triangular shaped plot has a total area of 13.850 m2 and is oriented South/North. The path to the plot runs alongside a white wall, showing the way to the entrance.

Three Houses in Riviera

Pasquini Tranfa architetti. This complex redevelopment project was born from the desire to enhance the landscape and architectural qualities of the site, integrating them with new functions related to living.